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We do not know whether there was a church in Padbury before the Norman Conquest, but it may quite well be that there was a thatched wooden building in the early eleventh century.  We do know, however that there was a Norman church in existence by 1210.


This small church, consisting of just the Nave and Chancel was rebuilt and extended in about 1250-1300 and then again in about 1330, by which time it was roughly its current size and shape (though much of it, notably the tower, was extensively rebuilt later)


Probably the most distinctive feature of the church is its extensive set of mural or wall paintings, which dates from before 1330.  The church services were, of course,  in latin, and these paintings were often used as a form of ‘visual aid’ to tell stories of the bible and the lives of the saints - and to warn of what would happen to transgressors!


One of the most interesting paintings shows the miracle of the wolf and St Edmund’s head - where after being defeated and beheaded by the Danes in 855, the pious king’s head was rescued by a wolf, carried back to a nearby monastery and miraculously re-attached itself to the king’s body!  This process did not, however, restore the king to life.


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