Minutes of last PCC Meeting

The last meeting minutes are set out below


PCC Minutes for the parish of St Mary’s, Padbury


Minutes of the meeting held at 7.45 on 7th September 2017 in  St Mary’s church.



Revd. Ros Roberts (RR)


Paul Cresswell (PC)  


Chris James (CJ)


Henry Paxton (HP) (Treasurer)






In attendance

No others


Apologies Received

Anne Perry (AP)












Welcome and prayers








Election of Officers

It was proposed by CJ, seconded by RR and Resolved, that Paul Cresswell be appointed as Lay Chairman


It was proposed by CJ , seconded by HP and Resolved, that David Rasmussen (DR) be invited to join the PCC as a co-opted member


It was noted that we still need a Secretary





DR  to be contacted and bought up to speed






Review of previous meeting

 Minutes of the meeting held on 17th July 2017 were approved as an accurate record.

Matters arising:

Church opening: The opening and closing by Dicky Cox has been in operation for two weeks and is working well.  Every effort to be made to publicise opening

Main entrance access ramp: HP said that the materials cost would be around £120, but he would arrange for it to be fitted (and bolted down) without charge.  It was Agreed to authorise the cost and the works.  The PCC expressed its thanks to Henry


War Memorial plaque:  HP still pursuing, and awaits word from the engraver


It was noted that following the last meeting John Wrigley (JW) had resigned as Church Warden and from the PCC.  The PCC expressed its sadness at this development and the circumstances that had led to it.  The PCC Resolved that its regret and huge thanks for his massive contribution be conveyed to John.  It was also noted with much appreciation that John nevertheless was continuing to lead the efforts to replace the roof and get funding for it. 






Letter of thanks to be sent to Mr Cox



Purchase materials and fit











Letter of thanks to be sent

























Future of Padbury Church


There was a substantial discussion of a Paper on the current state of the church in Padbury, its issues, opportunities and future operation. 

It was unanimously agreed that the content of the Paper presented an accurate picture of where we areas a church at the moment:


  • There are many challenges, including an ageing congregation, financial problems, a lack of ordained resources (having lost the Assistant Priest and with local retired priests being less able to fill in as they get older), no church warden and a  feeling that was quite widespread in some quarters that the church had rather “lost its way”
    • Nevertheless there are things on which we can build: there is still a lot of support for the church as an institution in the village, there is a thriving church school, the village is growing, there is a significant cohort of people (many not active churchgoers) who are prepared to work to help the church in various ways (from fund-raising to cleaning) and there is still a small team of people willing to drive the church forward provided they have a clear plan and development path

Turning to the proposals for the way forward it was Agreed:

  • That we should focus first and foremost on how we act as a church, and how others see us.  We must ensure that we act in a distinctively Christian way at all times; friendly, welcoming, helpful, supportive and forgiving.  We should, wherever and whenever we can, reach out to the wider community – including those who may currently not feel particularly well disposed towards us.  In particular we must have a welcoming approach in the church itself – to young and old alike and at all times (not just Sunday).  We all have to try harder.
  • The role of the PCC should be general oversight and strategy and those matters (e.g. financial expenditure) that it is statutorily obliged to do.  It should meet perhaps 4 times per year. (Possibly these meetings could be immediately followed by corresponding Benefice meetings, to agree service schedules etc
  • The role of church warden should remain vacant until the next AGM


  • There should be a Mission and Ministry group, focused on working with the Vicar to design and deliver worship and pastoral support. The aspiration for Padbury should be to have a service at the same time each week (probably at 10.30).  Other initiatives, such as ‘Messy Church’ should be seen and be operated as in addition to the weekly service, not as substitutes for it.  These will clearly not always be minister-led, but could be some form of non-Eucharistic service.  Further, we should look for some to be services where communion is given ‘by extension’
  • There will need to be effective mechanisms put in place to identify people in need, new people to the village, etc – and to make an appropriate response
  • The role and scope of the Friends should be extended to incorporate all those who support the church actively, such as in fund-raising, cleaning, gardening etc.  Groups of people from the Friends should be encouraged to take a leading role in specific fund-raising events
  • There should be a small group who take prime responsibility for matters relating to the fabric and grounds of the church
  • We need to redouble our efforts at Communication, through the Pump, the website and social media, as well as on village notice boards.  Given the recent adverse publicity, we need to have something approaching a ‘re-launch’.  The first step may be an article in the next Pump on our future and plans.  In this context, the possibility of using an A3 notice board attached to the “Church” sign from time to time was discussed and agreed in principle


The PCC recorded its thanks to PC for his Paper





















































Schedule to reflect this

















Group to be assembled, and Communion by Extension to be implemented




Mechanism to be developed 



Plan and Publicity to be prepared






Identify lead



Revisit and modify website and use of social media





Look into mechanism





































































































































































a) Treasurer’s Report







b) Fundraising









c) Church Roof



















d) Harvest Festival


e) Fence adjoining Mark Ayres







f) Deanery Reorganisation




g) Safeguarding



h) Benefice Services



i) Organist






j) Infestations




HP reported that, following the payment of some current bills, we would have around £1,300 left in the account; however we currently are £3,500 behind on Parish Share.

It was Agreed that no further payments of Parish Share would be made until later in the year


The roof fund currently stands at £7,000, having paid the Architect and for the alarm


Two concerts are in hand (Angela Nottage (AN) leading) for 30th September and 25th November.  The PCC members should attend and sell as many tickets as possible. 

There needs to be an advert for the second of these in the next Pump


It was confirmed that the Summer Fete will be on 9th June and the Open Gardens on 30th June




PC reported on JW’s progress in relation to funding:


  • Historic Churches Trust have agreed £10k.
  • Archdeacon has agreed £500 to be matched by Historic churches trust
  • Francis Coales Charitable Foundation.  They agreed £5k for the south aisle job but we did not need to draw on it.  Application submitted in early July.  No indication of a decision date or likelihood of success as yet.
  • WREN:  application only just submitted for £36k. To be considered by the Directors of WREN on 15th November.

JW said he might also put in a couple more but that it will help our chances if we can say what efforts are being made for local initiatives.


It was noted that PC, RR and HP were on the alarm call-out list



This will be on 15th October



A further quote had been obtained to replace the fence, amounting to some £1,915 plus VAT, though the contractor is not available to the spring.  After some discussion it was Agreed that we would inform Mark that we do not have the money at present, but that we (PCC members) would investigate, with Mark, what could be done using volunteer labour




The option papers for Deanery reorganisation had been circulated.  It was Agreed that the PCC had no comment to make


New forms on Safeguarding were signed



It was suggested that a car rota be instituted for benefice services away from Padbury.



It was Agreed that it was highly desirable to get a new organist to work with AP when she was able to return to work.  We should find ways of increasing payment if that is necessary



There is a bee nest at the back of the church, and probable woodworm in the window to the right of the main door (looking out).  It was Agreed that appropriate specialists be asked for their advice













HP to discuss with AN





Liaison with PCC and JW to be confirmed





























Write to Mark


Review/make good fence








Submit new forms


Investigate further







Advertise in local media

Seek to find someone locally



Contact specialists



















































































Next meeting

The next meeting will be on 20th November at 7.45 pm





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