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PCC Minutes for the parish of St Mary’s, Padbury


Minutes of the meeting held at 7.45pm Monday 13th January 2020 in  St Mary’s church.



Revd. Ros Roberts (RR)


Sue Paxton


Kay Bradley


David Rasmussen

Church Warden

Donna Mills


Matt Vincent


In attendance



Apologies Received

Chris James












Welcome and prayers






























































Review of previous meeting

Matters arising


















Fnances/ Business


















































Future events and fund raising


Minutes of the meeting held on 21st October.

A couple of corrections, Sue to reprint and get Ros to sign


Bible study lunch

It was decided not to do these but will do Ash Wednesday. Ros will get leaflets and posters promoting The Live Lent.

Alpha Course

We have not done one previously as not much interest Donna suggested putting on Padbury fb page. Put out some feelers and see who is interested .

Everyday Faith

Has nearly been and gone.

New housing Welcome

So far four new families have moved into the new house and welcome packs along with the lantern Christmas card and cakes have been delivered to them. Feed back was they were very happy to be welcomed into the village like this. Sandra has been into the  Sales Office and they will keep her informed as new people move in and she will chase this up

Thy Kingdom come 2020 is 21st-31st May




Matt provided us all with an up to date report of the accounts, showing income and expenditure for last year. There was also details of the roof account showing how much is left to pay back. Copy of these accounts are to be filed with minutes of this meeting. Matt is moving so he has resigned as treasurer. The PCC has thanked him for his enormous efforts.

Donna was proposed as the new treasurer, seconded by Kay. Donna will be Parish and Benefice treasurer.

Invoice for professional fees for allotment for first registration has been received and will be paid out of money that was going into Church Wardens fund from Church roof fund.


CCLA – Vicars & Churchwardens Account

Forms are now filled in. David emailed  them over but a correction needs to be done. They will need to be filled in again. When this is done and re sent in and accepted then Ros, David and Sue will be signatories.

Deanery reorganisation.

This has now gone to formal consultation. As a PCC we have to make our comments. The PCC unanimously voted to accept the proposals  for the deanery reorganisations in full.

Payment Card

David is getting it through the Parish Giving Scheme. The idea is to use it at Weddings, funeral and Baptists to hopefully get more plate donations, as people don’t always carry cash on them when attending these services.



Lawn mowers are back from service and everything is OK. David suggests to put a piece in the Lantern to get some help with Lawn Mowing.


This is now on the Diocese of Oxford website. All pcc must complete the online training. Do Basic Awareness (formerly CO) and foundation (formerly C1) There will be a training course for C1 part one which is 2 hours and will be done by Pauline SS. Ros to get dates. C1 can be done online as well if you wish to. Ros suggests we do it and let Faye know when this is done. Post meeting this is now at Gawcott on 22nd February


Church Regulations update

They have brought them up to speed with rural churches. New have your APCM between 1st Jan and 31st May. Acceptable to use email for decisions rather than waiting for meetings or calling extra meetings. APCM’s dates need setting. Ros getting them sorted. We  set the date for ours tonight as Sunday 26th April starting at 12 noon. Gawcott need to get theirs set

Pew & Floors

This has been deferred due to funding.

Lamb Lunch and VE day celebrations 2020

Proposals for VE day is that The Bell ringers to ring a peel on Friday 8th May in the evening plus Ros has been talking to Nicki about a BBQ and music in the New Inn. Village have been asked what they want to do and no one has come back with any suggestions.

Fund raising

Cream Teas

Dates are sorted and decided to do on 3rd Sunday of the month. We will not do Easter Sunday just Easter Monday.  Do another Parish breakfast at Pentecost which is 31st May, worked around a café Sunday theme.

Christmas Tree Festival

Due to demand we will be doing this again this year, as lots of people have asked for it. Discussed to do again. A mouse fest will be built.

Community Orchard.

The land is now reregistered.  Need to get quotes by end of February for the work that needs to be done. A grant is available to develop the section of the allotment area currently not being used  and used as a community orchard area.

Energy audit

Scheme to look at how energy is used in churches. We request for them to come and do an audit. It costs us £150 which we then claim back from the diocese when the audit has been done. It was decided to go ahead and David will make contact and set this in motion.

Parish Giving Scheme.

Need to do more work on this to sign more people up. Will go our to people previously giving  David will lead on this and kick start again


Date of APCM meeting, will be Sunday 26th April 2020

Date of next PCC meeting is Thursday 26th March 2020



















































































































































































Minutes of last PCC Meeting

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