Minutes of last PCC Meeting

The last meeting minutes are set out below


PCC Minutes for the parish of St Mary’s, Padbury




Minutes of the meeting held at 7.30pm on Monday 26thMarch 2018 in  St Mary’s church.



Revd. Ros Roberts (RR)


Paul Cresswell (PC)  

Lay chair

Chris James (CJ)


Sue Paxton (SP) 


David Rasmussen




In attendance

Kay Bradley


Apologies Received

Anne Perry (AP)












Welcome and prayers


Prayer said for Sue Fane – Nick sadly passed away on Friday early am. We thank Nick for all he did for the Church in Padbury and Hillesden. 
















Review of previous meeting





























Data Protection

 Minutes of the meeting held on 5th February 2018 were approved as an accurate record.

Matters arising:

Main entrance access ramp: The timber is in Sue Paxton garage that Henry purchase for this job


War Memorial plaque:  HP had approached the engraving in Buckingham, not sure what is happening.


Mission the future:

 The welcome leaflet had been updated by Mrs Sue Paxton and is now ready for use.


A new friend’s of St Mary’s leaflet has been produced and will be distributed. 


Community initiatives.

·       ‘Prayer Shawls’ several people have now taken this up and are knitting or Crocheting. shawls which have been blessed in church and have gone out into the community

This is having a positive effect with those praying as they make the shawls.

·       On remembrance Sunday ‘Padbury Poppies’ was launched this is to knit poppies to make an exhibition next Remembrance time as it is Centenary of the end of WW1. (Note other church and service based resources will be coming in the future). This will involve the whole village.

·       Women’s refuge. Working with grace Tearle the church is now the collection point for items for the Women’s refuge in  MK. This has been highly successful.



RR & SP have been to a meeting and there are forms at the back of the church for people to fill in. SP to update for Padbury PCC secretary is the controller




Complete the works








































































































Next meeting









  • Pump/Benefice newsletter issue. SP reported that the pump is going to continue and that a new editor takes over in December. KB said she would like the Benefice to be bigger. RR feels that Padbury would miss out if the benefice letter dint go out separate to the pump. Hopefully might have a new format by 1.6.2018 ad advertising for the year ends on 31/03/2018. KB suggests running for a year and see how it goes. Would need a minimum of 16 advertisers. All advertisers need to be contacted to get them on board by 1/06/2018. Try and get a meeting together for w/c 9/4/2018 withy PCC and PC to talk about what is happening going forward.
  • Treasurers Report
  • PC has done accounts and passed to Mark Taylor to audit. Some gift aid is missing and JW is finishing and the accounts will be finished soon. Matt Vincent has agreed to be treasurer for the church as long as he doesn’t have to come on the PCC. PC will circulate accounts as soon as he has them.
  • Revision  Revision of electoral roll we don’t have a registration officer. PC reported that a few people coming off and a couple going on. 
  • Update on roof funds - £280 received from A Nottage from Christmas concert, still hsor of £11,000.00.
  • Memorial Plaque  Bob Osborne and KenRoberts have looked at  commemoration book and looked at print costs will be available and RR to ask Ken to being a copy up for people to look at it. This is being initiated by PSBS
  • Statutory Policies. Have to publically have to display our working policy about people who work in the church on their own. i.e. need to let people know if people are working in the church on their own.

We need to display in the church our

Copy of insurance certificate

Health and Safety policy

Fire safe guarding

Single person Working.


·      Fundraising: Future events

DR to meet with Debbie to get things sorted.

Open gardens update PCC liaison

Raffle 4 big prizes DP & DR to get things up and running.

Concert April, PC to send poster to Kay Bradley to edit.

Christmas Quiz Will 

There will be a September Concert.


·      Lamb Lunch  13th May Fred happy to donate the lamb and Elliott will carve. Bouncy castle ask Helen Orledge to organise.


  • Mark Ayre’s fence  DR to speak to CJ about the fence.
  • Forth coming service – 27th May 6 pm PSBS service
  • Date of next meeting 15th April Vestry meeting.

Next PCC meeting TBC


RR handed out leaflet about Church growth in rural communities. RR to send to me via email.

Pentecost received Holy Spirit RR would like to have something going on in Padbury. RR would like to get sorted with Parish Giving Scheme.

PC brought up about rent a church spire to mobile phone boost.

PC has a quote from Tony Pickets of £3,800.00 plus VAT to do the light and it will take about 7-10 days to come in and do. PC to sort a date with Tony.


The meeting ended in prayers






































Schedule to reflect this












































































RR/ All


















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