Minutes of last PCC Meeting




PCC Minutes for the parish of St Mary’s, Padbury


Minutes of the meeting held at 7.45pm Monday 1st March via zoom



Revd. Ros Roberts (RR)


Sue Paxton


Kay Bradley


David Rasmussen

Church Warden

Sandra Cosby




In attendance



Apologies Received

Chris James












Welcome and prayers






























































Review of previous meeting

Matters arising






































































Review of previous meeting


Matters arising






































































Minutes of the meeting held on 28 January 2021 approved and will be signed by Ros.



HSBC Bank account – Benefice account

Ros is still contacting HSBC business. There has been no action by HSBC about the complaint that was submitted in September 2020. There is no news on the mandate. The next action is to get an appointment in order to facilitate the lock on the account being removed.


Nat West Bank Account -  Padbury Church account

A letter has been received re mandate update, its contents did not clarify whether or not David and Sue are signatories on account. (Post meeting Sue went into bank it was confirmed that they are both now signatories on this account)

It was suggested that Donna be asked to resign as Parish Treasurer.  It will then be necessary for all the paperwork, including the cheque book to returned to Padbury. It was suggested that Sue acts as temporary treasurer to St Mary the Virgin’s Padbury.  This was unanimously agreed by the PCC.


Lloyds Bank account

The Vicars and Church Wardens bank accounts are still being sorted out. (Post meeting, Sue has received paying in book, cheque book, and bank statements for this account) A recent bequest of £10,000 has been paid into this account, because it is ring fenced only to be used for specific projects, not the day to day running of the church.



Churches have been asked to work to get back to the normal pattern of APCM’s. This should be done by the end of July.  It was unanimously agreed that Padbury has its APCM on on 26 July, via zoom if necessary. Ros, David & Sue will check on the website to see what needs doing.  Notices and the electoral Roll will need doing.


The link to the information about APCM's for the PCC is

News for PCC secretaries (mailchi.mp)


Church Opening for Worship

Livestreamed will continue at the moment. On average between 60 and 70 people view the service from week to week


Mothering Sunday

Posies are being prepared by volunteers, organised by Margaret Templeton,  with deliveries to people who find it difficult to get out and to the new houses in Padbury Fold. Other posies will be left outside, Bravenfields Potters Glen and the church porch, for people to collect.

There will be a  10.30 am livestream service. It is suggested that the readings are recorded by children.


Holy Week

There will be daily services during the week: Compline on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Agape on Maundy Thursday, all via Zoom at 7.45 pm. 

Good Friday offers a family Zoom workshop 10-11.30 am.  It will include making wreaths, chocolate nests and a card with a butterfly.  An Easter Garden on a plate might be included.

There will also be a Zoom service from 2 pm until 3 pm, reflections of the Stations of the Cross.

Easter Day – 10.30 am livestream Holy Communion service.


Opening of Church

Once it is known what is happening at the end of March, the decision can be made with regard to re opening the churches for worship.  It is not anticipated that there will be a normal pattern of services at least until September.



No reported safeguarding issues. It was asked if people had read the Stowe report which had appalled the Deanery Synod.

For some reason Fay is not down as St Mary’s safeguarding officer, Ros and David will find out why.

It is necessary to look into the safeguarding policy, this will be put on agenda for next meeting.


Deanery re-organisation – update.

Three people have objected to the re-organisation which has been reported to Bishop Steven. If these people continue to disagree, the whole process will have to be repeated. A complaint has been made asking how three people can be allowed to halt the whole process.



An offer has been made to cover the cost of the repair and renovation of the church porch, including necessary remedial work to plaster, re-decoration and replacing the noticeboards.  It was suggested that it might be necessary to speak to architects, Acanthus Clews on an informal basis before anything is done.


23 March as been designated as a National Day of Reflection in memory of people who have died during Covid.  There will be a 1 minute silence at 12 noon and Richard Stanworth will be asked if a single bell can be rung at this time.



Another cake stall is planned for 3 April (Easter Saturday), outside the village hall 9 am – 12 noon.


David has been looking into having Wi-Fi installed in the church. Hopefully more will be known by the end of week.


Date of next PCC meeting Monday 19 April 2021at 7.45 pm


Meeting closed at 9.05pm


Have we been courageous, contemplative and compassionate in our discussions and decisions tonight?


Closing Prayer





















































































































































































Have we been courageous, contemplative and compassionate in our discussions and decisions. Tonight.

Closing Prayer










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